This bearded face is an image maker, writer, nature lover, computer geek and racing fanatic hailing (at the moment) from New Jersey, USA. While I work in tech and the Internet, I keep both at a respectful distance, because my life is best lived outside.

In the very early 1990s, I began dictating crazy stories to my parents, who would dutifully transcribe my ramblings into words on DOS and Windows 3.1 computers. Then I learned what a video camera could do. Finally, I completed the trifecta by slowing myself down to look through a digital still camera. The desire to document the world around me has never gone away -- these days, you're likely to find me photographing landscapes, cars, and abandoned buildings.

On any given day, I'll be wandering through the woods, driving, taking a photo, making a film, reading, or exercising my paucity of mechanic skills. Unless I have ready access to Reddit.

Wanna talk? 

Next Adventures: Hiking the Appalachian Trail in NJ, Lime Rock Autocross Day