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Apple Device Photoshoot

I won't beat around the bush. I'm about to unleash four 52 Week projects in one week, to help make up for the mountainous deficit of weekly projects I'm under. And fear not; for the first project, creativity abounds! I lit my previous phone - an iPhone 6 Plus - entirely with light from an iPad. Yeah. This brain gets used occasionally.

It was time to sell my iPhone 6 Plus since I took an upgrade for the iPhone 6S, and as such, I couldn't just take a couple of horribly lit photos for the sale page. Oh, no. I wasn't going to bend over backwards for perfect shots, but I wanted to send my 6 Plus out with the dignity with which it entered this world. In other words, I put in enough effort to make it extremely presentable, without going to the painstaking lengths of product photography.

The result isn't too bad. I took an entirely dark room (courtesy of the time of day we call 'night'), put the phone on a bedside table with a glass top, and put up a piece of black construction paper against the wall behind it. I used my iPad Mini and opened a completely white photo, and from there, I adjusted the brightness accordingly as I panned it over the iPhone during long exposure shots. Add in a transmission gear from a 2006 Honda Formula 1 car, and you have yourself the ingredients for an impromptu and slightly classy mobile phone shoot. And yes, the phone sold.

More to come.