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2016 Ford Fiesta ST Review: The Tempest in the Teapot

I'm paranoid by nature. I always look for the negatives before the positives, and so it went when I picked up my Fiesta ST. I was afraid that after two weeks, I'd be over the "honeymoon phase" of owning a "slower" (but newer) car; I'd want my Subaru WRX back. Two months in, though, and it's clear: my trepidation was a tempest in a teapot. This is one of the best cars I've ever driven.

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Fort Tompkins - Staten Island, New York

And, we're back to urban exploration! My first-ever visit to Staten Island proved to be worth the trip. The New York Adventure Club hosted a great gathering inside Gateway National Recreation Area, which includes Fort Tompkins and Battery Weed, two of the oldest military installations in the country. While not completely abandoned (the National Parks service does basic maintenance), they've been left almost totally in the condition they were when shut down. 

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