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who is?

Tim Kauger Media is, well, Tim Kauger. He usually shoots cars, landscapes, portraits and interiors.

He’s been writing since he was old enough to force his parents to type his stories. In high school, he began filming literally everything when he got an MiniDV camcorder. Finally, college would harbor photography -- both digital and film -- as a huge hobby. He’s been documenting his travels and spending far too much money on equipment ever since.

Alongside all things media, Tim routinely ruins his clothes while hiking, working on cars, or exploring derelict buildings. He also ruins his car’s tires when he goes autocrossing. He probably ruins his eyes by watching too much racing and spending time on Reddit, but all of the reading probably balances that out. 

While his primary media interests lie in cars and scenery, he’s never one to shy away from an event or portrait session. Or a debate about the best racing drivers. Or why Han Solo shot first.

He did.

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Photographing Acadia National Park in Autumn

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