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who is?

Hi! I take photos and write.

When I was what Scottish people call “a small child”, I forced my parents - under threat of nothing, really - to type out my ramblings on their Windows 3.1 computers. I eventually got a knack for that typing thing, a skill which I use to this very day. The ramblings make a hair’s width more sense than they used to.

Later, I found the magic of documenting everything around me with cameras, be they of the photographic or video persuasion. Thankfully, they can do both these days.

While my passions lie in documenting cars, abandoned buildings, and all things outside, I’m thrilled to help people around me via this skillset. I get the same rush from nailing a photo of an engaged couple as I do a rare set of HRE wheels on a mid-90s sports car.

If you’d like a print, some advice, a quote for a photoshoot, or my thoughts on whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first, please send me a message.

Han Solo shot first.

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Photographing Acadia National Park in autumn

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