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52 Week Project - One Year Check-In

So, let's get right to it -- 28 divided by 52 is .5384615. So I ended up completing 54% of my 52 Week Project in the allotted time. Disheartening? Hardly. 

I admit, focus was an issue. When not working, I balanced my free time with video games, the X-Files, books, the Internet, the occasional film, and finally, photography. There's no particular order there. Like any other stereotypical millennial, I could passively-aggressively blame this on the pressures of Twitter and the rest of the modern-day world. But I won't! I freely admit that I could've dedicated more time to taking photos or filming this year. It's certainly a little dismaying that I ended up with half of my intended load of projects, but I'm not at all disappointed.

This year, I photographed a few bands, and I enjoyed it. I photographed some abandoned buildings, and I enjoyed it. I photographed waterfalls, a state on the other side of the country, a rally event, cars, random interiors, beaches, landscapes...and I enjoyed them all. Therein lies the pattern -- I enjoyed every single project, despite not hitting my goal. 

It'd be easy to lose faith by looking at sheer numbers, but in this instance, the more qualitative analysis says everything. The fact that I enjoyed all of these projects means that I still get a lot from this medium, and it gives me all the more reason to keep exploring. 

The Next Step

You know what? Screw tradition. I'm keeping this going. Let's see how long it takes me to complete 52 miniature photo projects. If I can wrap this up by March, fine. If I write up the final 52 week post on this day next year, fine. I won't be concerned. Since I enjoy it, the numbers really aren't that important anymore. 

Also, I'll have another excuse to hit cans of crappy beer with a baseball bat

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