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Function for Fiction

Wednesday was quite a night -- I tried a beer I've been waiting on for years, I saw some old friends from college, and I enjoyed some fantastic music from Function for Fiction's Brendan "Herb" Campbell. The things that guy can do with a delay pedal is incredible!

The venue was an unassuming local bar in Wyckoff, New Jersey called The Barn Original, and I loved it. The lighting wasn't perfect, but therein lies the supreme challenge. The Sigma 70-200mm was my best friend on this shoot, and it continues to prove its mettle with good optics and a great optical stabilizer system. 

There's more on Flickr; check 'em out!

This is #33 of my 52 Week Project, which I began in January of 2015 and am continuing until it's done. It's easier to drop the "52" in my blog post titles!

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