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Another car meet season begins

Okay. I'll finally admit it. Spring is my favorite season. The last of the grey snow has disappeared, and the road salt has been thoroughly dispatched by a few blasts of April rain. I could pontificate further, but let's get right to it: all of the cool cars are back on the road. I've missed this, and now it's back for months.

I'm not overly thrilled with these shots, but it's nice to be back enjoying it. The year is young, and there's dozens more car meets where these came from. Scroll below (or click here if you just want to be taken to the link) for all of these in an Imgur album. 

Turnout at the meet was fairly low, given the colder temperature and the modified schedule (they're typically on Sundays rather than Saturdays). Still, I got my fill of Italian exotics, tuner cars, and American muscle for a few weeks. Once I get back from Ireland (and the weather, hopefully, gets more consistently warm), there'll be lots more to come. 

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