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Dan & Emily - March 17th, 2019

Growing up can come to you in whispers. Sometimes it’s a dull ache after workouts. Sometimes it’s a hangover that seeps into a second day. Sometimes it’s going to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Sometimes, though, growing up socks you in the face.

I’ve known my friend Dan since high school. We grew out our hair, drove around until 2 AM, compared our skills playing Sweet Child o’ Mine on guitar, and generally wreaked the brand of havoc that young kids will do.

And just like that, he’s married to a wonderful, strong, and gracious woman named Emily. I was privileged to act as their wedding photographer, and more than that, I got to experience the beginning of the next chapter of both their lives.

I packed my trusty Fujifilm kit and headed to Philadelphia (a town that’s high on my “next move” list). What followed was a full day of prep, ceremony, and reception — in all honesty, it was a blur. And it was great.

While working my way through the photos on my schedule, I was lucky enough to photograph some of my old friends and meet new ones at the same time. Opportunities like that are rare, so naturally, when Dan and Emily asked me to photograph their big day, I jumped at the opportunity.

We’re growing up fast, but as with everything else in my photographic journey, I was thrilled to preserve such a joyous moment in time. I’d do it a million times over, again and again.

Dan: we’re kinda corporate and adult now, but we’re never too old to do a late-night 7 Eleven run or explore a supposedly haunted place.

Emily: You’re an incredible person that I’m sincerely happy to have met, and even happier to know that you’ll be spending your life with a friend like Dan. You have a friend in me!

Growing up is quick, folks. You know what Ferris Bueller said: stop and look around, or you might miss it.


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