Welcome to my pedestal. 

Florida with some mobile filmmaking gear

Recently, I wanted to go to Florida. My family has a nice little place down there, I hadn’t been in seven years, and most importantly, I wanted to skip bringing all of my camera gear. Packing light was the name of the game here. I didn’t plan any shoots — unplugging from everything for a few days was the ultimate goal.

Then I bought a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal for my iPhone. I should know better than to think I can’t go somewhere and not be a little creative.

I liked it! I’ll keep it. After a little learning curve (which, admittedly, I’m still on), it becomes fairly natural to use. The footage above isn’t anything revelatory, but I hope it’s a skill I hope to bring to the Zhiyun Crane — the bigger pro gimbal I bought for my main camera. Time will tell.

As everyone else on the Internet (and in real life) can agree, mobile phones just get better. The video out of the iPhone XR is rather flexible for color correction and grading. In five years time, they’ll probably be as good as my Fujifilm. Seeing how rarely I get down to Florida, that’ll be a great time to test that statement!