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The (almost) 36 exposure challenge

36 exposures. Fixed ISO. Manual focus. Manual exposure.

I think most people my age got a crash course in film photography in college. If they're lucky, they learned it even earlier.

I fall into the former group, so I promptly forgot all about developing after graduation. However the challenge that film poses is still fun to this day, albeit in a different form -- taking your oh-so-convenient digital camera and limiting yourself of to 36 exposures, and no way to check your work. It's basically a film roll's worth of exposures (or less), at a fixed ISO, and making these images as manually as you possibly can. Through the pain of restriction, the intent is that you'll spend more time thinking about what you're about to shoot, rather than firing your camera from the hip and hoping something comes of it. 

I admit, I cheated a bit for this. I had to keep grazing through the photos in play mode to check how many I had taken thus far. I didn't even fill up the hypothetical film roll. I was technically using the wonders of aperture priority/exposure compensation and the built-in histogram in the viewfinder to make these images. 

It's a neat exercise. Not much good came of it today, but every day out with the Fujifilm X100s is a pleasure. More soon!

All images processed with VSCOFilm 02 or 04