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Holiday Photo Roundup

I guess it's the ocean that brings out the photographer in me. Or maybe it's the break from Reddit and the Internet at large. Whatever it was, I was more than eager to explore an oft-visited area of the country -- Mystic, Connecticut and the surrounding areas -- armed with cameras. Specifically, I came out swinging with my Fujifilm X100s, Lee ND filters, iPhone 6 Plus, and my new 85mm f1.8 for the Nikon.

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Merrill Creek Reservoir

It finally began to feel like autumn these past few weeks in New Jersey. I had a few pumpkin beers, ate some apples, started following football (for four days) -- most importantly, though, I managed to get some neat long exposures at Merrill Creek Reservoir, just near the border with Pennsylvania.

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Split Rock Reservoir

Morning hikes are my favorite of all. Probably because I'm never awake early enough to enjoy them! I finally shook off the webs of sleep to join my friend Nate this morning for a hike around Split Rock Reservoir, a sprawling lake just a few miles off of the local interstate. 

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