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Greenwood Gardens and South Mountain hike

I finally got around to exploring Greenwood Gardens, a local garden preserve that's been in my town for decades. It's hidden away inside Old Short Hills Park, and I only recently realized it was there in the first place!

It's gone through several restorations over the last century, and plays host to a ton of local art exhibitions. While the art kind of flew over my head (as art usually does), the grounds were immaculate and definitely worth more visits once the trees start to turn. While the weather wasn't perfect (and would soon turn hellish), I managed to walk away with a few interesting snaps of the place.

It started to get a little ominous towards the end of the day...

The Fujifilm X100s just keeps proving itself in any condition. While obviously not a superhero, do-it-all camera, it comes so close and is what I'm using 95% of the time these days. After a while, you just see in the fixed focal length of the camera, which makes it that much easier to know where you need to stand for your images.

I capped off the weekend with a hike in South Mountain Reservation, and specifically on a trail I've never hiked before. I came across what looked like a disused chimney of sorts (missing the ever-crucial attachment -- a house), and huge, steaming piles of fertilizer that backed up to a county parks building. 

If you don't hike the trail, you won't know what you'll find -- it could be good, or it could be a part of a house and some mountains of processed cow shit. I'm glad I took the gamble anyway.

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