Welcome to my pedestal. 

The Professors

Alright, back to ACTUAL photography this time around! I visited my alma mater (man, do I feel old saying that), Fairleigh Dickinson University, for a show put on by the Professors. They're aptly named: many of the band members are, well, professors. I've photographed them before, but this was by far the most extensively-produced show from them that I've seen. As you'll see, the lighting was pretty freaking great.

For the photographers: I took the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 telephoto with me, and it performed extremely well in the low light. Focus was just barely missed every now and then, but the photos are still perfectly usable. The Nikon D750 performed as I expected at ISO 4,000 -- there really isn't any need to reduce the image noise, as it's very well-controlled. Certainly, however, it's present, and some images had some very light noise reduction applied. 

As usual, the Professors put on a great, tightly-knit performance. In a nice bit of symmetry, so did the combination of camera and lens for this shoot! See the full gallery in the Flickr set below: