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Cars and Coffee, without the coffee

A few weeks ago, my eyes skimmed the margins of Facebook and landed on a local Cars and Coffee group link. I joined it, and my tenuous attention span whisked me away, on to the next little crumb of Internet cake. This past Friday, a reminder popped up about an upcoming group meet, which I initially forgot about. I'm officially glad I remembered.

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Bokeh and Beer - Sigma 35mm f1.4 Review

There’s a hackneyed phrase in the photography world that buying gear won’t make you more fulfilled as a photographer. By and large, I agree with that. Passion for photography  takes more than a selection of fast lenses and exotic lighting gear. Every now and then, though, a piece of kit comes along that very nearly challenges that adage. The Sigma 35mm is just that – barring some annoying foibles, this lens is nothing short of inspirational. 

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2015 Holiday Roundup with the 24-70 Lens

It was a weird Christmas. I'm likely preaching to the choir about this, but it was just about 65 degrees on Christmas day, and the days around it for that matter. In March of last year, I was ecstatic that the snow began to melt and fade away -- now I officially miss it. Nonetheless, I had balmy conditions to test my latest acquisition -- the incredible Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens. It was a strange Christmas, but a good one! 

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