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Slow Motion Mashup

I woke with a start over the weekend, realizing just how behind I was on my 52 Week Project. Seconds later, I remembered that my GoPro was eligible for a software update that enabled 240 frame-per-second slow motion video. I then forgot about all of that, ate breakfast, and remembered it again. That's when I decided to make a little compilation of iPhone 6+ slow motion clips that I've taken over the past few months, combined with whatever video ideas I came up with on-the-fly for the GoPro.

What follows is something that went a little off the rails.

There's a definite - ahem - contrast between the clips taken with my iPhone, and the video that I captured with Scott (who is fast becoming a regular in this series).  

What's immediately obvious is that, while the footage looks cool, neither camera is particularly adept at making good looking slow motion footage (truer for the GoPro than the iPhone) in anything less than bright, direct sunlight. Still...wrecking cans of the fizzy, pale abomination that is Natural Light is something that I can watch over and over and over again.