Welcome to my pedestal. 

Automotive Lightpainting 1

Finally, FINALLY, I've been able to properly use the Westcott Ice Light for some genuine "light painting" with a car! The result was...mixed, but largely due to my inexperience with light painting. It was also quite cold, so I was a bit hasty in my preparedness. I lit the car with a single shot, and the snow with two separate shots. About an hour of post-processing went into compositing the images into the final shot. 

Like I said, this is the first of many attempts with the Ice Light. Ideally, I'd like for the light to not show at all in the car's reflection, and for the car to be as clean as possible. It was washed that day, but since I live in New Jersey and it's wintertime, it was only truly clean for about 15 minutes. 

A lot more is to come with this. It's going to be a long-running feature for this project!