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Fourth of July 2015 - Fireworks!

...because OF COURSE that's what this week's project would be. July 4th came and went as it usually does, but I managed to snag a timelapse and some neat firework shots before the night was out. I managed to stand right at the "do not cross" tape at Millburn High School, equipped with my Nikon and the GoPro Hero 4 mounted directly on top. I'm a firm believer that people need to put their cameras down and enjoy the damn fireworks, and despite all of that gear, I did just that! The GoPro was taking the timelapse on its own, and all I needed to do was press my remote release as the fireworks went off. I barely even looked at the screen. 

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The timelapse was a little overexposed (it was my first time using Night Timelapse mode), and I decided against cropping the "black areas" in the photos. Also, I kept the town of Summit's fireworks show in the shots (the teeny tiny background fireworks in some of them). Overall, though, not a bad night spent near explosives.