Welcome to my pedestal. 

The Reelin' Tones

Ah, right, photography -- that thing I do a lot, except not recently. 

Well, the perfect opportunity came yesterday. For the second year running, Festival 22 was held in the expansive backyard of - someone's house. There was art, food, free beer, and a friend's band - the Reelin' Tones - were on the lineup. That sealed up my Saturday nicely!

Luckily the weather cooperated, and the mid-afternoon sunlight wasn't too spotty through the trees. Since the show was held in a very open space, I was free to move around the stage to grab these shots.

I'm not generally a people photographer, but the Sigma 70-200 is helping me to change that. While unwieldy at times, especially with the lens hood on, the images speak for themselves. If you're in the market for a fast telephoto, look no further. 

All in all, it was a good Saturday. I got my 52 Week project rolling again, enjoyed some free brews, and had a friend's band belting out some great covers. Look for more shots with these guys in the future!

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