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NYC: On the Level

Friends and cameras go well together.

On one of my many trips to New York City this past week, I went for a photo-walk around the western part of SoHo with a bunch of awesome coworkers and buds, including but not limited to John Navarro, Brooke Meier, Chris Laine, John Branch, Daniel Perez-Gomez, Emily Van Sant and Dan Schenker.

Now that we got that egregious run-on sentence out of the way, here's some more photos!

Some of these shots are taken at eye-level, but a lot were chest-level gambles. This shoot paid off more than usual; my blind firing technique isn't polished, so it was nice to see that I got at least a couple of in-focus images that weren't canted at an insane dutch angle. The Sigma 35mm f1.4 mounted on the Nikon D750 is the hero of the day, as it usually is. Images were processed using VSCO Film 02 and 04 (mostly) with Fuji Superia, Agfa Scala and Kodak E200 presets. 

I see how a lot of people get sucked into street photography. It's like a blank canvas that engages all of your senses, and it may punch you in the face if you're not tactful. It's good to be bold in life, so grab a camera and give it a try if you haven't already!

This is #35 of my 52 Week Project, which I began in January of 2015 and am continuing until it's done. It's easier to drop the "52" in my blog post titles!