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Cars and Coffee, without the coffee

A few weeks ago, my eyes skimmed the margins of Facebook and landed on a local Cars and Coffee group link. I joined it, and my tenuous attention span whisked me away, on to the next little crumb of Internet cake. This past Friday, a reminder popped up about an upcoming group meet, which I initially forgot about. I'm officially glad I remembered.

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Photo Mode in Driveclub

Towards the beginning of the year, I whipped out the virtual camera within the video game Grand Theft Auto 5. The results were startlingly great, considering I was taking photos inside of a world programmed entirely by game developers. A few weeks ago, I was blown away yet again with the photography mode in an otherwise mediocre racing game: Driveclub.

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New England Forest Rally

Well, it finally happened. I went to a motorsports event and I took some pictures. I've been a racing fan for about five years now; in that time, I've largely enjoyed it via the comforts of my television, gaming seat, and a beer by my side. Well this time, I drove to Maine and stood mere meters from some beautiful racing machines being flogged by some seriously ballsy (read: skilled) drivers. Seeing as it was my first motorsports photography adventure, I kept maybe 150 shots of out 1,300. Even though I have plenty of room to improve, I completely enjoyed my time in upper (VERY UPPER) New England; shooting motorsports is something that I'll be doing a lot more of.

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