Welcome to my pedestal. 

This is me...is that you?

After a few hours of impatience, AH-HA moments and fresh-air breaks, I've moved myself onto the lovely Squarespace website service. I think I'm going to like it here. I hope you do, too, since this site isn't just for me!

Don't worry. I don't rock the buzz cut anymore.

In case you skipped over my "About" page, I am one of many, many millennials who aren't exactly sure (yet) what career path is right for them. I do my best not to meander about, so as you can see, I've made a thus-far fruitful hobby out of the visual media. This hobby has occasionally crossed over into professional services, but by and large, it's something I do on the side. For now.

I'm also a car nut, tech geek, Reddit user, hiking enthusiast, outdoorsman, and occasional sleeper. 

Drop me a line via the "About" page if you'd like anything printed or are interesting in my services. Also, "follow" or "add" me to any burgeoning social media platform I happen to be on.