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Unique Photo Expo: Behind and On the Scenes

As many of you may know, I'm currently working as a blogger for Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ (my alter blog-ego!). This weekend, we are hosting our annual Unique Photo Expo, a weekend-long mega-event filled with photography demos, classes, equipment sampling, and more. It's always a good time, for both customers and employees, as photo ops are virtually everywhere

I took the opportunity to bring my Nikon D7000 and 35mm f/1.8 lens along today to capture setups and some of the events we had on-site. We had some interesting vantage points as we set up GoPro cameras for timelapses on the roof, and played host to people with awesome motorcycles, cars, and photographic equipment.

Going through these shots also allowed me to explore SLR Lounge's epic preset system for Lightroom, which is something I acquired a while back but never fully tinkered with.  All in all, I'm pleased. I think I got a least a couple of keepers from today's batch. The temporary hearing loss from the motorcycles is definitely worth it!