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A whirlwind of a quick vacation in Maine left me tired but happy as I drove home this past Monday. Quickly, however, the wind was knocked out of me with news that Jules Bianchi, a Formula 1 driver who had been comatose since a violent crash last year, had died. He was about to turn 26. While the Formula 1 world held out the highest hopes for the Frenchman, the possibility of any recovery grew smaller and smaller as time passed. 

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The Unnecessary Death of Greystone

New Jersey is a place where baffling decisions are often made by those in power. I suppose that's true of most places, but one such decision is tough, if not impossible, for me to see any shred of logic in. Last year, the state voted to demolish Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, a long-abandoned structure in the middle of Morris County. As a fan of urban exploration and abandoned places, I was naturally dismayed at such news; anger, however, soon followed.

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On Paul Walker

Cars are a very big part of my life. I'll admit, I've rarely done track days, and only have some experience in computer simulation programs. I can't do much mechanical work beyond basic maintenance. Cars, for me, are a learning experience as much as they are a subject of passion and enthusiasm. I might not know all of the ins-and-outs of racing and only have a theoretical knowledge of how cars work, but they're a big part of my life and will be forever.

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