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Long-lost Fujifilm X20 Test Shots!

I have a quirky (read: annoying) habit of taking some really neat shots sometimes, and then promptly forgetting about them. They sit on my external hard drive never seeing the light of computer monitors that they deserve. Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself; maybe you think the below photos are crap. I don't really care! I enjoyed taking them. 

My friend and fellow photographer Dan Schenker and I took a little Friday afternoon hike around Split Rock Reservoir (Rockaway, NJ) on a nice Spring day a few months back. I brought along my new (and quite awesome) Fujifilm X20 digital camera to put it through some paces in dynamic afternoon light. Needless to say, it performed its duty with epic aplomb. Most of these shots were taken with Aperture Priority and tweaks of the excellently placed and executed exposure compensation dial.

I wrote a pretty glowing review of this camera during my Unique Photo days...why not give it a look?