Welcome to my pedestal. 

Westcott Ice Light

So, I bought a lightsaber.

It doesn't really hurt anyone, it doesn't get hot, and it doesn't degrade in color from red to pink over the years. No, this lightsaber is singular in purpose -- it's daylight in a can. Specifically, it's a ton of daylight-balanced LEDs inside a tube, and it's awesome. It's the Westcott Ice Light.

Niners colors. Gold, or...


I combined last week's Bokeh Wall experiment with some portraiture. The aim here was to get a simple, single-light setup on the subject with a single strobe in the back for the aluminum foil. I primarily bought the light for automotive light-painting, based on the recommendation of the fantastic Andrew Link, renowned automotive photographer. However, seeing as it's exactly hell-frozen-over degrees in New Jersey right now, I figured the better option was to remain indoors and take this for a spin. My friend and fellow amateur photog Scott joined me for some photos (he's a 49ers fan, if you couldn't tell). 

I can see this definitely being useful for video work too, should it be needed. However, the best is yet to come with this thing.

All you need is an Icelight, aluminium foil, a strobe, flash gels, and a Scott

Smug, plus beard

I took an extremely haphazard preview shot (below) of what's to come in the next few weeks. I left it un-retouched so you could get a decent idea of the process. Once I can stand outside for more than 20 seconds without my fingers falling off, I'll be back with more light-painted cars. I can't wait.

Needed: no light streak, a cleaner car, a better background, and 10 more degrees of ambient temperature. At least.