Welcome to my pedestal. 

Bokeh Wall


For the uninitiated, some photographers choose to take on the task of the "365 project" - one photograph for every day of the year.

I've tried it twice, and failed within a week each time.

The excuses ranged from "not enough time", to "I forgot", to "I'm not in the mood today". So instead of repeating and failing the process a third time, I'm changing it up. In addition to whatever projects I take on this year, I'll aim to have 52 separate ones -- one per week -- in which I try out something new or try something I'm familiar with. The results may be crappy or they may be halfway decent. I may not post one every single week in chronological terms (maybe 2 a week, maybe less), but by New Year's Eve 2015, I hope to have at least 52 folders in my hard drive, full of different kinds of photos.


Can't think of a clever title for this one. It's a G-Shock.

So that brings us quite naturally to week one! On one of my frequent trips to Reddit, I came across the El Bokeh Wall on DIY Photography. The concept is simple -- place a crumpled piece of aluminum foil on a wall, and shoot small objects in the foreground with a fast lens. In addition to whatever type of light used for the subject, a single flash is bounced off of the aluminum foil in the background with a colored gel over it. The aim is to get something like Christmas Tree lights, I suppose. Or it's just to get nice bokeh (here's a good definition of it, if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about)! 


Mementos from the first car

Kinda neat. I can't say I'll be getting involved in product photography anytime soon, but it's great what a piece of aluminum foil and $12 worth of flash gels from Amazon can do. 

And no, I don't know what Week 2 will bring. I guess that's part of the fun.