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Blizzard 2016 - Ambient Video

The snow is almost gone now, thanks to New Jersey's perpetual indecision over whether it wants to be Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter. But when it chose to be winter a week ago, it broke the knob off the panel. It was winter as shit

Even with a fridge well-stocked with microbrewed beer, I was soon out of things to do as the skies erupted with powder. So I did what anyone else exactly like me would do: I set up a lawn chair in my garage and filmed the snow as it fell, and fell, and fell. 

What resulted is an odd but frank little short film of what happened that day. I recorded the whipping wind with a great sound recorder (that I really should use more often), and filmed the action with the Nikon D750 and my killer zoom-lens duo of the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 and Sigma 70-200 f2.8. 

Video and I have fallen out over the last few years, but now that I have a camera that records it quite decently, I have no excuse to not engross myself in it again. More to come.

This is #30 of my 52 Week Project, which I began in January of 2015 and am continuing until it's done. It's easier to drop the "52" in my blog post titles!