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A Cold Day at Island Beach State Park

Much of the fun of exploration is going where other people aren't. I suppose that's why I'm so enthralled with abandoned buildings, the middle of forests, and when all else fails, not going out ever. Every now and then, however, I get a nice little brain wave, like this one: Let's go to the beach on the coldest day in 20 years.

The venue for this adventure was once again Island Beach State Park, which immediately became one of my favorite places when I visited for the first time last year. During the off-season, this thin strip of land on the Jersey shore is desolate apart from several dozen curious foxes. Usually, it's devoid of footprints; fresh sand, fresh dunes, and no one around for miles. Just the way I like it.

While taking a brief hike, Scott and I managed to capture a little GoPro footage to mark the occasion. Inevitably, I fell. And made some sand angels. 

On the coldest day in 20 years, you want your beach visit to be memorable.

This is #31 of my 52 Week Project, which I began in January of 2015 and am continuing until it's done. It's easier to drop the "52" in my blog post titles!